The Manchester Forum is a platform for new political voices from any background to converse, facilitated by creative practice and panels from contributing politically-motivated artists and thinkers. TMF2019 will be a day-long workshop which showcases this work, inviting all attendees to participate in discussion. It is for anyone and everyone who is interested in hearing and discussing new ideas about our world, the way it operates and is structured.


Whilst our methods may differ, we all have one goal: to encourage audiences to observe the machinations of power in our world, to deconstruct them and see how they work, to offer the chance to evaluate these mechanisms, criticise them and challenge them. By uniting political artists, thinkers and audiences through The Manchester Forum we can engage in a unique and intriguing dialogue about our world and learn from and with each other. This festival of ideas will offer new perspectives and methodologies in our socio-political environment and explore new ways of seeing, thinking and being

Our first forum, TMF2019, took place at The International Anthony Burgess Centre on 23rd November. Click on the tab above to see content from TMF2019.

Interested in being involved? Get in contact:

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