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Liam Grogan

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Liam Grogan is a composer and director from Bristol and is one of the founding members of The Manchester Forum. His musical work has been performed in Bristol, Athens and Lviv, Ukraine. He is currently studying for a PhD in Music at the University of Manchester where he is researching into how combinations of music and theatre can communicate political and philosophical ideas in concert music. He is also the co-founder of Precarious Theatre.



David Hartley

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Writer & performer David Hartley grew up in Preston before being claimed by Manchester which is now his spiritual home. His weird fiction has appeared in Ambit, The Shadow Booth and Black Static and he is studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at The University of Manchester. His research looks at fantastical manifestations of autism in literature and film.


Marco Biasioli

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Born in Rome, Marco lived in London and Moscow before relocating in Manchester, where he is currently doing a PhD in Russian contemporary music at the University of Manchester. His debut play, 'Hanging', was produced for the GMF 2018 and was well received in terms of attendance and critical praise. In his work for TMF, Marco explores the connections and struggles between power and identity, between the world and the individual, between the ugliness of revolutionary hypocrisy and the beauty of a new form of success – failure. He is also the co-founder of Precarious Theatre.


Angel Rose

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Angel Rose is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans performance, writing, video, and printed media. In 2015 she earned a Masters in Performance and Visual Practice from University of Brighton. Her work has been exhibited internationally and shown in spaces such as Centre Pompidou, Somerset House, The ICA, and The British Film Institute. Her first solo show, Sick Bag, was presented in 2016 at the Residence Gallery in London. She has presented research and taught at institutions such as Central St Martins, NYU and Goldsmiths University. She currently lives in Hastings, where she teaches art history and theory at University Centre Hastings.


Dave Bainbridge

Dave Bainbridge is a musician and researcher. In the former he works primarily in contemporary and experimental music and has played at major international festivals such as HCMF and SPOR, and in the latter in the philosophy of (and after) Jacques Derrida and Alain Badiou. He is currently completing his PhD at the Royal Northern College of Music (an institution which, after ten consecutive years there, many doubt he will ever leave), for which he is writing on the political and philosophical consequences of event, justice, sovereignty, and decision using art as a vehicle of study and articulation.

Joshua Ward

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Joshua is a graduate of the University of Bristol, where he received First Class Honours in BA Music. He is interested in exploring conflicting notions of the real and the unreal in our individualised experiences through interdisciplinary work revolving around sound and music. He looks to direct audiences and consumers toward specific emotional reactions and interactions, attempting to engage heightened hyper-emotional sonic material utilising pre-recorded and pre-existing material and field recordings.


Zoë Miller

Zoe Miller completed her BA in English Literature at the University of Manchester in 2018 and wrote her undergraduate dissertation on presentations of masochistic submission by female authors. She went on to do an MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture at the University of Manchester and wrote her MA dissertation on depictions of “leaky” female bodies in early modern literature and art. She was awarded the Margaret Johnson (Yates) Prize for the best overall mark in English, American Studies and Creative Writing. She has just started her PhD (still at the University of Manchester) on metaphors of sexual violence in modernist literature. She is exploring what power is invested in using a violated female body to symbolise something “bigger”.

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Interested in being involved? Get in contact: contributors.manchesterforum@gmail.com

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