Octet by Liam Grogan

This new work-in-progress by Grogan is a musical work for 8 performers which explores how musical performance can reflect and comment on differing political structures.

Counterfeit Non-sense(1) by David Bainbridge

Bainbridge will be presenting a paper on economy and counterfeiting, sense and non-sense, and silent music.

Pigskin by David Hartley (with soundscape composed by Rickerly)

First published in contemporary horror magazine Black Static (TTA Press), Pigskin is Hartley's most personal and political short story. It also happens to be his most horrible. The spoken word performance wlll be accompanied by a soundscape accompaniment created by Salford musician Rickerly. The story itself is a bastardisation of George Orwell's Animal Farm where his political human metaphor has been stripped out and replaced with a new, vegan eco-politics. It stars Pig; a pig, whose skin is made of bacon.

Edge Lords and Edginess by Angel Rose

Rose's video essay examines the function of irony within the extreme underground of 1990s America and within our current political landscape.

Untitled Work-in-Progress by Joshua Ward

Ward will be performing an untitled work-in-progress traversing the close relationship between jarring feelings of angst and contentment in our mediated lives by pummeling mashed-together musics and sounds, with an aim to consider our reactions and interactions with this kind of content and the effect it enacts on us.

Failure Studies by Marco Biasioli

In this new play by Marco,  Failure Studies is the name of the journal dedicated to failing. There, in its office, three individuals explore the nuances of failure in relation to their lives and humanity as a whole. What does failure mean? Do we learn from our failing? Do we fail 'better', as Samuel Beckett famously said?



Flute                   Lois Hantonne

Bass Clarinet     Frankie Gale

Trumpet             Tom Julian

Trombone          Ben Attfield

Marimba            Dan Nolan

Guitar                 Dave Bainbridge

Viola                   Marion Smith

Double Bass      Emily Walker

Conducted by James Gillett


Soundscape by Rickerly

Failure Studies

George              Luke Richards

Marc                  David Allen

Babe                  Francesca Maria Izzo

Directed by Liam Grogan

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